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New Menu

we have written our new menu and checked it twice to make sure we are all set to serve our customers as best as we can!


Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

Tandis Restaurant, is all about the freshness of ingredients, taste, and quality of every single dish we serve. with recipes rooting deep into Persia, our grilled dishes are all charcoaled to make sure they have the authentic taste to tempt you with small discoveries.


Starters range from traditional Persian cold ordövr to hot dishes covering from north to south, east to west of Persia and amongst the mains is our press famous Loobia Polo and mouth-watering Zereshk Polo to a variety of juicy and tender grilled dishes and to finish with some sweets our authentic Faloodeh or maybe tea and Baghlava.









“Our mission is to serve

superior quality Persian Food”

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